soft warm pretzels

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/08/2019
I slept in later than usual holding my baby longer than the usual morning appointment on this workday on the way... we are human pretzels tangled like warm dough pups In a down blanket oven in our den, surrounded by the cold The day begins I soak in man made rain cleaning the bakery dust Drying off the wooden tools I hang myself to dry Off to the dentist insurance questions Why do I pay so much a month for the privilege to pay even more at each visit I've come to believe My premiums are just Membership dues like a Human box store, Costco DDS Then off to work with shiny clean chicklets On the radio the congress listens to some guy spew bullshit I go to building C like a cattle call to pick up my prescription It's hard to describe what you see when you can't give a description Show up for work and talk about things explain things decide things shut down things reassure people solve things complete things kick off things and start things sell things, win things, lose things describe things prescribe and suggest things go to the white board and draw, draw things spell out things...solve things reassure people complete things talk about things decide things kickoff things and start things and win things and lose things and sell things try things things describe things suggest things spell out things things and things...things Packed up my lunch and laptop and leave to drive straight home to the bedroom bakery where me and my baby Can be alone knead and twist and bake ourselves into soft warm pretzels again    
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soft warm pretzels
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