Because You Didn't Vote

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/27/2019
Is this the end or just the beginning An anarchist's dream come true When did the right side red Become the Kremlin loving stooge Armageddon is only the agenda Of those who still believe Power and pussy and control Is the only agenda of those who lead Climb aboard the space ship Of your good intent and ego Landing on a platform doesn't mean a thing In a radioactive glow The television took 75 years to work And now the monsters rule Manipulate tomorrow Look at the chamber full of fools Watch the base grow As the stooge protects his ego Watch the son of God turn away While the goons count their cash flow While the goons count their cash flow Protests in the streets and civil discourse Evolve into riots and full force Bullets fly and bayonets Survivors become civil war vets And the government takes away your pets And alone you starve paying for water Pay a fee for seeds in exchange for your daughter Keep old photo in a sack, government documents in a tote This is America now because you didn't vote This is America now because you didn't vote  
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Because You Didn't Vote
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