1976 to 1979 - A Brief Account

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/13/2021
(Thelma Houston warm up transitions into nostalgia) Don't leave me this way, no I can't exist, I'll surely miss your tender kiss Don't leave me this way, no Don't leave me this way, yeah I'm a broken man with empty hands Oh baby please, please, don't leave me this way Aaah baby, my heart is full of love and desire for you So come on down and do what you gotta do You started this fire down in my soul Now can't you see it's burning out of control..... We watched Looking for Mr Goodbar That's a crazy movie man Diane Keaton looked SO young And she was naïve and she got kinda hooked on love And good times and all the trouble...the trouble took me back to the 70's you know but it reminded me of disco a little but I was more of a rock n roll guy I would listen to the Beatles and do this 3 chord garage Beatles shit which is kind of weird cuz I didn't know how to play real music Maybe I was just a punk I'd go to the record store and pick up the 45's of Kansas and Boston, The Cars Music was good, music was good A year or so went by DEVO and the Pretenders and XTC and.. oh! Utopia - the music was getting good David Bowie was good Then punk rock happened Never Mind The Bullocks It's the Sex Pistols Oh man...Cheap Trick... yeah, Cheap Trick In Color and Black and White So much good music... rock and rollin' making noise, Generation X Hanging with the boys Having fun playing guitar in the garage Sanding off all that shiny Fender shit and spray painting our guitars Safety pins and slashes in denim jackets And sewing on patches and wearing old Army Jackets We'd look like Vietnam Vets and we'd spray paint the names of our favorite bands on them fucking awesome Copyright © 2021 Jonathan Aronson a.k.a. Dirty Melissa- all rights reserved - dirtymelissa.bandcamp.com... Written and recorded in one day for the Song-A-Day songaday.netscrap.com Contains a partial cover of Thelma Huston's "Don't Leave me this Way"    
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1976 to 1979 - A Brief Account
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