Mars Rover

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/18/2021
unintelligible mars ramblings I riding a horse through outer space I got me a camera I got me a face I got me some I got me some I am a rover sitting alone sitting on mars sitting on mars Driving around 6 wheels on the ground got my pedal to the metal Even the ground Down I'm hanging around on mars I'm hanging around on mars I'm hanging around on mars I'm hanging exploring around outer space such a beautiful place there's no air there nothing anywhere where you see stars and galaxies outer spaces we dont care we got nowhere there's nothing out there anywhere that we can see what's left for you and me I got 6 wheels Gonna have me a ball What's the big deal I got cameras Digital focus and I take samples too Copyright © 2021 Jonathan Aronson a.k.a. Dirty Melissa- all rights reserved - Written and recorded in one day for the Song-A-Day        
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Mars Rover
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