Pandemic World Traveler

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/27/2021
I want to get away And see the ocean once again There's a place I like to go It's been since I don't know when I feel like I've been here before Hiding in a drug induced quarantine But we don't know what's in store The world has changed Quite a lot I drive to the grocery store And then I inch a mile more And try another grocery store Just to get away from here And I find myself ten miles from home Long distance traveler To the far end of town Maybe cross the city limits And venture out to uncharted territory In the next town over Pandemic world traveler Take a chance with my mask To the next town over Pandemic World Traveler Pandemic World traveler Pandemic world traveler pandemic world traveler Copyright © 2021 Jonathan Aronson a.k.a. Dirty Melissa- all rights reserved - Written and recorded in one day for the Song-A-Day    
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Pandemic World Traveler
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