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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/02/2022
Shit... is required around here so we're gonna open it up for questions yes, you sir hello, my name is Don Der Wear I'm a student here at GTFO My question for you is... how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? uh 1 uh 2 uh 3 (crunch) Three Yes you ma'am You. in the back... with the cracker jack... I'll let you finish your balloon Hi my name is Jill All Users and I'm a senior here at GTFO and my question for you today is where did all the toilet paper go? Well, miss All Users Everybody ran to the store when they heard there was a pandemic two years ago - it scared the shit out of 'em... they figured they would need all the toilet paper they could get Three! OK you sir over there in the front row, no the one next to him in the red, okay.. hi go ahead, What's your question My name is Gall Stones and I'm from San Francisco, California I'm not a student here at the university but I like to crash on lectures Anyway my question for you is What's the different between a duck? A duck and a what? Just a duck 42 the answer is 42 The answer!! I have all the answers Just ask me your questions I have all the answers All the answers Hey mister Jumbo hand me that lighter Answers!        
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