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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/11/2022
Somewhere near salt water between San Franciso and LA I huddled in my attic And prepared for SongADay (my first that is) The year was 2010 I was one decade removed From the last time that Dirty Melissa and little john grooved (Evel Kneivel) I'm sure when I signed up The alumnis thought "uh oh" Derek, Seth and Chris and Darin Had no idea which way I'd go (do you remember that guy?) I posted a rehearsal song called "500 dollars worth of shoes" "Song-A-Day 2010 Starts Now" And "Little Boy Blue" (little boy blue) I tried to get adjusted to my new multi track I'd just ordered Although it was digital it reminded me of my old 4 track tape recorder (TASCAM) I wrote and wrote and wrote some more uploading songs in tandem sometimes I'd sing about my life sometimes it was so random (Random, So random...abstract) Over the years I composed and uploaded Song after song about our lives I've been doing this for so long that During Song-A-Day I've had two wives (two, two supportive wives) I've made some great long distance friends here (far away) and some I may never meet (farther away) But to do this challenge with you all is really quite a treat really quite a treat really quite a treat We've wrapped in Peter's warehouse and another time at his home The Orange Room was groovy Chris's condo and Zoom Years have passed oh so fast While it doesn't seem that long It's February 11th 2022 and this is my 400th song  
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