The Shark

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/07/2023
Down in the valley by the Chevron smoke Lives a man they call Shark, no joke He’s a middle manager, drives a big-wheeled jeep Thinks he King of the Sea, Lord of the Deep The shark Reads his license plate The shark Says the sign above his gate He has guile, got style But he hasn’t had any action in a long, long while He got the name In the ancient past Became the name of his game He put it on blast Through high school and college Gave him identity Through corporate climbing Gave him security The Shark A real go-getter The Shark Signing off on your termination letter Controls the facts, holds the axe And he has to keep making fat stacks While everybody was spacing out The Shark started to look within This whole shark thing – snap out of it Self-reflection is for dolphins Be it the cafeteria or the Pickleball court The shark holds tightly To a steely comport But down in the hole That once was his soul Swims a small fish In a little fishbowl The Shark Drinking alone by the pool The Shark Wants to be loved, wants to be cool He has guile, got style But might be nice if someone called him Kevin once in awhile The Shark Kevin is his real name The Shark Kevin is his real name  
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The Shark
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