The Girl Of My Dreams

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by: Taran Gray
uploaded: 02/15/2023
Darlin I don’t wanna leave, Lock me up and hide the key, I’m where I wanna be, An angel has floated from heaven, And if I am dreamin’ then don’t wake me up, I’ll stay in my dreams, Sugar I should never go, I just can’t just can’t leave you alone, I’m taking you home, We’ll build us a castle to live in, And you’ll be my Queen, fairytale come true, Just me and you, Just me and you, Let’s make our own family, I think you know mean, It’s easy to see, An angel has floated from heaven, I know I’m not dreamin’, you can’t wake me up, The girl of my dreams,  
Tagses: tarangray, oldies, 1960s (we can link these up later)

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The Girl Of My Dreams
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