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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/24/2023
I was wanding the through the fog In search of shooting wild elk with my canon AE-1 it was wet and cold and even though it was late afternoon it felt like early morning when the sunrise changes weather patterns with it's warmth And despite it being February Despite the earth being muddy and spongey Despite it being 1985 Despite it being fantasy Despite all things considered This was a dream... This was a dream because I was in Alaska in 1985 in the rock hard frozen tundra where the air is frozen where headlights on your car shine in 7 directions there are no elk in Alaska, only moose where in February one can only dream of mud and sponges Oooohh ewwww ooohhh oohh eewwwwooohh This was a dream because in Alaska in rock hard frozen tundra there are no mud puddles no sponges no soft things to walk on ice rock hard earth ice permafrost  
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