Theme from a Sitcom You Never Saw

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by: Ray Toler
uploaded: 02/27/2023
A guy told a joke that he heard on TV But he told it at work at a quarter to three What happened next, well it’s no mystery Fired, sued, and shunned by society A gal who was having a really bad day Had a meltdown at Starbucks and called someone gay When the video hit Twitter, well you know what they say "Up yours Karen, now we send you away" If they’d kept their mouths shut, they’d have been just fine Any topic will be crossing somebody’s line In fact, the network got nervous and let all of us go And so we changed the name of this show to Cancelled Copyright © Ray E. Toler, Jr. All rights reserved.  
Tagses: pop,sitcom,theme song,television,tv,humor (we can link these up later)

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Theme from a Sitcom You Never Saw
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