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2024 Song-A-Day

361 songs so far:

Feb 29

  1. [lyrics]Departure by aeio
  2. [lyrics]No Goodbyes, Still Here by Jeff Kellem
  3. [lyrics]Outro by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Bundle Of Joy by Dave Panx
  5. [lyrics]See Ya! by Dave Panx
  6. [lyrics]Goodbye Song A Day 2024 by Derek Greenberg
  7. [lyrics]My Dads Birthday Card by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]Thanks to Song a Day 2024 by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Tuned To You by Chris Greacen
  10. [lyrics]How Bout We Go by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]Bedrot by Chris Greacen
  12. [lyrics]Face The Music by Chris Greacen
  13. [lyrics]Needle Of The Dart by Chris Greacen
  14. [lyrics]The Last Song by Jonathan Alright
  15. [lyrics]ALPHA AND OMEGA by Jonathan Aronson
  16. [lyrics]Keep dancing by lizzi
  17. [lyrics]Yay! (with Esme D) by MarkM
  18. [lyrics]Cant Stop Meeting Like This by Chris McDaniel
  19. [lyrics]telos by Paul Ivey
  20. [lyrics]Spaced by Richard Awdry
  21. [lyrics]Angstension Seeker by Richard Awdry
  22. [lyrics]Those Who Crossed the Line by Ray Toler
  23. [lyrics]It Sounded Like a Freight Train by W
  24. [lyrics]South and East by W
  25. [lyrics]Mindfullness by W

Feb 28

  1. [lyrics]The Machine by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Ride by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]HSFY by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]I'm with Typhoid Mary by Derek Greenberg
  5. [lyrics]Never Speak Your Name (Collaboration with Paul Ivey) by Esme D
  6. [lyrics]I Wanna Burn by Jonathan Alright
  7. [lyrics]Love Conquers All by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]Stompmouth sounds by lizzi
  9. [lyrics]A Very British Prog Song (with Scouting For Cuppas) by MarkM
  10. [lyrics]Never Speak Your Name [w/Esme] by Paul Ivey
  11. [lyrics]Waiting for Zombo by Richard Awdry
  12. [lyrics]Red Hill Danger Zone by Ray Toler

Feb 27

  1. [lyrics]Realization by aeio
  2. [lyrics]InstaCanon 2 by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Honkin' Problem by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]waiting in the wind by Iamdjlogic
  5. [lyrics]Two More Days by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]Oh. Hi Mark by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]The One for Me by Jonathan Alright
  8. [lyrics]Uncommitted by Jonathan Aronson
  9. [lyrics]I wouldn't say it went well by lizzi
  10. [lyrics]Why do I do? by Richard Awdry
  11. [lyrics]I Promise I'll never do a Triathlon by Richard Awdry
  12. [lyrics]Kids Eat Time by Richard Awdry
  13. [lyrics]Red Hill Zone by Ray Toler

Feb 26

  1. [lyrics]Mulberry Park by aeio
  2. [lyrics]No Time, No Plan by Jeff Kellem
  3. [lyrics]Just 3 Minutes More by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]Pressing by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]Surrender by Dave Panx
  6. [lyrics]Cabbage Heads by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Monotonia by Chris Greacen
  8. [lyrics]Get Along Baby by Chris Greacen
  9. [lyrics]Queen Tribute Band Auditions at Parent's House by Jonathan Aronson
  10. [lyrics]Find it by lizzi
  11. [lyrics]Homecoming by Richard Awdry
  12. [lyrics]Mare Marginus by Ray Toler

Feb 25

  1. [lyrics]Aura by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Don't Worry, At First by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Umm... by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Greave Sleens by Dave Panx
  5. [lyrics]It Grows by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]The Words I Didn't Say by Jonathan Alright
  8. [lyrics]Broken Foot by Jonathan Aronson
  9. [lyrics]Experiments by lizzi
  10. [lyrics]Another Morning Song by MarkM
  11. [lyrics]Heat Before Serving by Ray Toler

Feb 24

  1. [lyrics]Callisto Revisited by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Descend by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Swedish Death Cleaning by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]Visitors From the Sky by Derek Greenberg
  5. [lyrics]Me by Esme D
  6. [lyrics]Why Can't You Leave Me Alone? by Jonathan Alright
  7. [lyrics]All I Feel I Feel Is You by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]Credits roll by lizzi
  9. [lyrics]paper street set by Paul Ivey
  10. [lyrics]The Joy of Snax by Richard Awdry
  11. [lyrics]Blue Dog by Ray Toler

Feb 23

  1. [lyrics]The Work by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Sky by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Red Friend by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]not all in love by Iamdjlogic
  5. [lyrics]The 23rd Signal by Esme D
  6. [lyrics]The Scene by Jonathan Alright
  7. [lyrics]I Rhyme My Sunglasses At Night by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]A neo-noir metroidvania mini-boss fight on the sega genesis by lizzi
  9. [lyrics]Your Heartbeat by Chris McDaniel
  10. [lyrics]Apert by Ray Toler

Feb 22

  1. [lyrics]Thw Whirl of Joy by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Spiral Heart Sketch by Jeff Kellem
  3. [lyrics]Get Going (Mitzy and Panx cover) by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Actual Intelligence (J. Aronson cover) by Dave Panx
  5. [lyrics]A Very Stupid Love Song! (Jupiter Wilson) by Dave Panx
  6. [lyrics]stelle by Iamdjlogic
  7. [lyrics]Hard Earned (Lizzi cover) by Derek Greenberg
  8. [lyrics]The Light Shines - Jonathan Alright Cover - with ChrisLody by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Song a Day Sampled - SEE LYRICS by Esme D
  10. [lyrics]Vespers - Paul Ivey COVER by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]How Is This Real - Mitzy Panx Cover by Jonathan Aronson
  12. [lyrics]Lights (Darin Wilson cover...?) by lizzi
  13. [lyrics]the Gift, The Sea - seela cover by MarkM
  14. [lyrics]Wake Up (Revolutionary Timeline) [Dave&Mitzy Cover(s) ft. Moxie] by Paul Ivey
  15. [lyrics]Denialism - David Earl cover by Richard Awdry
  16. [lyrics]Sea Pap (Derek Greenberg Cover) by Ray Toler

Feb 21

  1. [lyrics]Said Enough by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Fumbling Around by Jeff Kellem
  3. [lyrics]Time by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Landing In The Bubble by Dave Panx
  5. [lyrics]Waiting For...Are You Me by Esme D
  6. [lyrics]High Times by Jonathan Alright
  7. [lyrics]Watch The Ponies Ride (Vermin Supreme) by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]Oohs and aahs by lizzi
  9. [lyrics]Sleepwalking (20 Years In The Biz) feat. Lil' Lenni by MarkM
  10. [lyrics]The Inevitable by Richard Awdry
  11. [lyrics]Narcissus Rising by Ray Toler

Feb 20

  1. [lyrics]High Handed by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Slide by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]PDA by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]for beautiful human life by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]Crusha by Esme D
  6. [lyrics]The Boatwright's Song by Jonathan Alright
  7. [lyrics]R : E : A : D : E : R : S by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]clickclickclick by lizzi
  9. [lyrics]Twndra by Richard Awdry
  10. [lyrics]We Use Power by Ray Toler

Feb 19

  1. [lyrics]The Spectrum by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Quickly by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]The Traffic Chancellor by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]off the neon grid by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]Napolean Bonaparte by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]The 19th of February The Day I Finally Lost My Mind by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Fumes by Chris Greacen
  8. [lyrics]BB Gun (Processing Childhood Trauma) by Jonathan Aronson
  9. [lyrics]Their bones are their money by lizzi
  10. [lyrics]Jam in a Gaelic Pub (with Ralph Conybeare Merrifield and Andy Bucklee) by MarkM
  11. [lyrics]Anthropolegacy by Richard Awdry
  12. [lyrics]I Cook and Then I Chill by Ray Toler

Feb 18

  1. [lyrics]Lady Delirium by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Stop by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]How Is This Real by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]perfect soda by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]Ouchie by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]Twaddle by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Hello by Chris Greacen
  8. [lyrics]Houston by Jonathan Alright
  9. [lyrics]Yourself by Jonathan Aronson
  10. [lyrics]Hard-earned by lizzi
  11. [lyrics]option x by Paul Ivey
  12. [lyrics]My Android Has Malfunctioned by Richard Awdry
  13. [lyrics]Moxie's Meadow by Ray Toler

Feb 17

  1. [lyrics]Quikjam by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Super Lazy Sci-Fi Soundtrack 3 by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Coda by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Confident Confidant by Dave Panx
  5. [lyrics]phoenix desert dream by Daniel Berkman
  6. [lyrics]prelude to a ballet class by Daniel Berkman
  7. [lyrics]I'm an NPC by Derek Greenberg
  8. [lyrics]Project Flashlight by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Yes I Know by Jonathan Alright
  10. [lyrics]My Feet Are Killing Me by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]Yar's Revenge by Ray Toler

Feb 16

  1. [lyrics]Blanche by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Course by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]A Basket Of Bread by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]Drowning in Words by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]Cold Night Wet Ground by Jonathan Alright
  6. [lyrics]I'M LIVID by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]A Songwriter's Lament by Ray Toler

Feb 15

  1. [lyrics]Find The Joy by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Night by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Get Going by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]Public Information by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]The Light Shines by Jonathan Alright
  6. [lyrics]You Are Here by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]Five by lizzi
  8. [lyrics]The Search for Tubbs by Ray Toler
  9. [lyrics]Mandatory Checkboxes by W

Feb 14

  1. [lyrics]G5 Abbreviated by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Wake by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]San Francisco I Do by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]valentine's day by Iamdjlogic
  5. [lyrics]Boston Lingo by Esme D
  6. [lyrics]Velvet Night by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]Jack Valentine (with Andy Bucklee and Ralph Conybeare Merrifield) by MarkM
  8. [lyrics]Roses are Red by Chris McDaniel
  9. [lyrics]Vespers (I Wanna Be Your...) by Paul Ivey
  10. [lyrics]I Will Provide by Ray Toler

Feb 13

  1. [lyrics]Discovered by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Hush by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Gen X On Hold With Verizon by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]leggenda by Iamdjlogic
  5. [lyrics]I'd Like to Be the Joker by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]Suppressing Panic by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]All Too Late by Remain Idle
  8. [lyrics]Violet Kombucha by Jonathan Aronson
  9. [lyrics]Behind a Waterfall (with Ralph Conybeare Merrifield) by MarkM
  10. [lyrics]The Ugly Obscene by Paul Ivey
  11. [lyrics]Unclandestine by Richard Awdry
  12. [lyrics]Mare Orientale by Ray Toler

Feb 12

  1. [lyrics]Self Reporting by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Stumbling by Jeff Kellem
  3. [lyrics]Misplaced by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]Lights by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]Constellation Collision by Dave Panx
  6. [lyrics]ghost hands by Daniel Berkman
  7. [lyrics]beverly drive revisited by Daniel Berkman
  8. [lyrics]Insides by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]The Goddess by Jonathan Alright
  10. [lyrics]The White House Alumni Pickleball Tournament by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]lament by lizzi
  12. [lyrics]Saltblind by Ray Toler

Feb 11

  1. [lyrics]Puzzlement by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Protolody by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Lift by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Soda Water by Dave Panx
  5. [lyrics]ice cream for sweetie by Daniel Berkman
  6. [lyrics]The Costliest Place on Earth by Derek Greenberg
  7. [lyrics]Lucid Dream by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]Here With Me by Jonathan Alright
  9. [lyrics]Strange Dichotomy by Jonathan Aronson
  10. [lyrics]That tracks, reconfigured by lizzi
  11. [lyrics]Just One Step by Chris McDaniel
  12. [lyrics]Mare Anguis by Ray Toler

Feb 10

  1. [lyrics]Prime Motivator by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Sneak by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Cruise Ship Hitchhiker by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]afar by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]memory lifted by Daniel Berkman
  6. [lyrics]Just Another Thing by David Earl
  7. [lyrics]Audrey the Cat Part 2 by Derek Greenberg
  8. [lyrics]A Ripple in Time by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Here It Comes Again by Jonathan Alright
  10. [lyrics]Actual Intelligence (AI) by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]That tracks by lizzi
  12. [lyrics]Give It To Me by Ray Toler
  13. [lyrics]The Ghosts of Bob Villa by W

Feb 09

  1. [lyrics]Sinister Mellow by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Ground by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Kiss Everything On Fire by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]Just a Thing by David Earl
  5. [lyrics]Many Things Left for Tomorrow by Esme D
  6. [lyrics]My Old Bones by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]Pockets Jingling by Paul Ivey
  8. [lyrics]Raggedy Man by Ray Toler
  9. [lyrics]the Gift, The Sea by seela

Feb 08

  1. [lyrics]Aldones by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Birthday by Hugo Taro
  3. [lyrics]Leave by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]I Didn't Get That Could You Try Again by Dave Panx
  5. [lyrics]sesso della strega by Iamdjlogic
  6. [lyrics]Shopping Mall by Derek Greenberg
  7. [lyrics]Happy Land by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]Out of Hand by Remain Idle
  9. [lyrics]Transcript of the Curious Supreme Court Case of Spy vs. Spy by Jonathan Aronson
  10. [lyrics]The loop that haunts me by lizzi
  11. [lyrics]Dangerous Goods by Air, Road and Sea by MarkM
  12. [lyrics]Mare Australe by Ray Toler
  13. [lyrics]In My Garden by seela
  14. [lyrics]Participation Trophy by W

Feb 07

  1. [lyrics]Offering by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Intake by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Solistate by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]GTFBLA by David Earl
  5. [lyrics]plain song by Iamdjlogic
  6. [lyrics]A Wish by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Waiting by Remain Idle
  8. [lyrics]The Weather Report by Jonathan Aronson
  9. [lyrics]Kropparna [Main Title Sequence] by Paul Ivey
  10. [lyrics]Demitasse by Ray Toler
  11. [lyrics]the boss by seela

Feb 06

  1. [lyrics]Jumpstart by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Stairwell by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Crow Council Return by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]Scrambled Egghead. That's me. by David Earl
  5. [lyrics]Be Best by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]Accidents do Happen - with Chris lody and Stuart Goodacre by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Chin Up by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]Something New by Chris McDaniel
  9. [lyrics]The Archive by Richard Awdry
  10. [lyrics]Cape Disappointment by Ray Toler
  11. [lyrics]Skittish Pony by seela

Feb 05

  1. [lyrics]Still Hungry by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Closing by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Commerciality by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]lofi a-minor by Iamdjlogic
  5. [lyrics]Sea Pap by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]Frit of Chuddy by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Endless Loop by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]Little lo-fi by lizzi
  9. [lyrics]1 = 100 by Paul Ivey
  10. [lyrics]Mare Crisium by Ray Toler
  11. [lyrics]Until Someone Else Changes by seela

Feb 04

  1. [lyrics]High Low by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Shoreline by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Timeline by Dave Panx
  4. [lyrics]Denialism by David Earl
  5. [lyrics]turbotrenta by Iamdjlogic
  6. [lyrics]I've Got a Ticket in My Hand by Derek Greenberg
  7. [lyrics]The Brown Bear by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]Aimless by Remain Idle
  9. [lyrics]Money is Time by Jonathan Alright
  10. [lyrics]Son of a Dictator by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]King of the Nogs by MarkM
  12. [lyrics]Kropparna [Series 1, Ep. 8 (Isen), Sc. 6] by Paul Ivey
  13. [lyrics]Juxtafried by Ray Toler

Feb 03

  1. [lyrics]Sumethin' in The Coffee by aeio
  2. [lyrics]harmony yawn by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]Root by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Revolution(ary) Woes by Dave Panx
  5. [lyrics]effmin by Iamdjlogic
  6. [lyrics]Welcome Song A Day 2024 by Derek Greenberg
  7. [lyrics]Hammered by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]Hyper Vigilance by Remain Idle
  9. [lyrics]Owls by Jonathan Alright
  10. [lyrics]Long Long by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]a very stupid love song! by Jupiter Wilson
  12. [lyrics]A Recipe For Dispair by MarkM
  13. [lyrics]Kropparna [Series 1, Ep. 2 (Sjön), Sc. 2] by Paul Ivey
  14. [lyrics]Providing expertise in hydraulic mining since 1863 by Peter Johnson
  15. [lyrics]The Match Went Out by Ray Toler

Feb 02

  1. [lyrics]Black Vaudevillian by aeio
  2. [lyrics]cat and mouse by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]Sorry to hear about your dad by ChrisLody
  4. [lyrics]Wasting a Little Time by Jeff Kellem
  5. [lyrics]Rain by Darin Wilson
  6. [lyrics]Threads by Dave Panx
  7. [lyrics]First Contact by David Earl
  8. [lyrics]let your hair down by Iamdjlogic
  9. [lyrics]The Sexy Contessa by Derek Greenberg
  10. [lyrics]It's Okay by Esme D
  11. [lyrics]Insecure by Remain Idle
  12. [lyrics]Atmospheric River by Jonathan Alright
  13. [lyrics]Senile Dragon by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]I Love Carole King by MarkM
  15. [lyrics]Cloud Wandering by Paul Ivey
  16. [lyrics]And that's without mentioning any names by Peter Johnson
  17. [lyrics]Grimecake by Ray Toler

Feb 01

  1. [lyrics]Call To The Angels by aeio
  2. [lyrics]cold hands by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]Forgotten Rain by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]Curtain by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]Believe It! by Dave Panx
  6. [lyrics]Twenty seven by Iamdjlogic
  7. [lyrics]One More Time by Derek Greenberg
  8. [lyrics]This is Day One by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Plant Down by Frank Lewis
  10. [lyrics]Damage Left In The Heart by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]Introspection by Remain Idle
  12. [lyrics]We Found a Way To See by Jonathan Alright
  13. [lyrics]All That Will Remain by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]Strawberry? by lizzi
  15. [lyrics]The Oldest Otter In The Loch by MarkM
  16. [lyrics]Job's a Good'N by Paul Ivey
  17. [lyrics]Anything by Peter Johnson
  18. [lyrics]It Doesn't Have to be Good by Ray Toler
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