2023 Song-A-Day
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2023 Song-A-Day

57 songs so far:

Feb 03

  1. [lyrics]Going This Far by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Happy Birthday Tori by Bruce Brophy
  3. [lyrics]Celestial Dreamer by SpacedMan
  4. [lyrics]Mirror Mirror by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]Caves Under Antartica by David Earl
  6. [lyrics]de Wilde clouds by Iamdjlogic
  7. [lyrics]Is it Billable? by Derek Greenberg
  8. [lyrics]Nor Wester by Moving_Gates
  9. [lyrics]Awake at 4.30 a.m. by Esme D
  10. [lyrics]bad people blues by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]Colombia 1 Great Britain 0 by MarkM
  12. [lyrics]Mecropolis by Richard Awdry
  13. [lyrics]Get Out of the Way by Ray Toler
  14. [lyrics]The Whiskey Bend by Taran Gray
  15. [lyrics]Calibration by BenderHoo (Toshi & Liza)

Feb 02

  1. [lyrics]Earnest by aeio
  2. [lyrics]sleep by Bruce Brophy
  3. [lyrics]Phobos by SpacedMan
  4. [lyrics]Pondering the Disarray by Jeff Kellem
  5. [lyrics]Cracks in the Ceiling by Darin Wilson
  6. [lyrics]Highly Sensitive People by Dave Panx
  7. [lyrics]Mezzanine Riot by David Earl
  8. [lyrics]Food for Kitties by Derek Greenberg
  9. [lyrics]pounded by the closeouts by Moving_Gates
  10. [lyrics]Tears in Rain by Esme D
  11. [lyrics]Father/Son Chat by Jonathan Alright
  12. [lyrics]ambient blues by Jonathan Aronson
  13. [lyrics]don't be afraid blues by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]Baby Steps by MarkM
  15. [lyrics]Learn from your mistakes by Peter Johnson
  16. [lyrics]D-13 by Ray Toler
  17. [lyrics]WonkyTonk by Ryan Choate
  18. [lyrics]Paradox Rock by Jonny Mac
  19. [lyrics]Bring It On by Maria T
  20. [lyrics]We'll Survive The Night by Taran Gray
  21. [lyrics]Never be the Same by BenderHoo (Toshi & Liza)

Feb 01

  1. [lyrics]All Over The Place by aeio
  2. [lyrics]craz by Bruce Brophy
  3. [lyrics]Jupiter by SpacedMan
  4. [lyrics]A New Day Shall Begin by Jeff Kellem
  5. [lyrics]It Begins by Darin Wilson
  6. [lyrics]Salvo (your choice) by Dave Panx
  7. [lyrics]I am so goddam happy I will make you happy with me. HAPPY. by David Earl
  8. [lyrics]Welcome Song A Day 2023 by Derek Greenberg
  9. [lyrics]kinetic emotion by Moving_Gates
  10. [lyrics]Tangled Machine Faults by Esme D
  11. [lyrics]Gold Pyre by Jonathan Alright
  12. [lyrics]transmission blues by Jonathan Aronson
  13. [lyrics]Find Your Groove by Junie
  14. [lyrics]A Lament by MarkM
  15. [lyrics]Breath One by Peter Johnson
  16. [lyrics]Destroy the Enemy by Ray Toler
  17. [lyrics]Iceman by Jonny Mac
  18. [lyrics]A Little Let Down by Maria T
  19. [lyrics]February 1st by Taran Gray
  20. [lyrics]Ditching In by BenderHoo (Toshi & Liza)
  21. [lyrics]Confrontation by W
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