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2018 Song-A-Day

231 songs so far:

Feb 19

  1. [lyrics]Erekose by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Follow Me by Christian Roman
  3. [lyrics]Have You Got A Minute? by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Pretend It's Done by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]Doodle 015 by Chris Greacen
  6. [lyrics]Gas Music From Jupiter by Gregg M. Pasterick
  7. [lyrics]Day 2 At SXSW by Jonathan Redacted
  8. [lyrics]Hyperdance Fugue by Junie
  9. [lyrics]enchanted by Paul Ivey
  10. [lyrics]Doesn't Matter by Ray Toler
  11. [lyrics]Conduire sur et sur by Wesley Thompson

Feb 18

  1. [lyrics]One Voice by aeio
  2. [lyrics]far out at sea by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]Long Lost Pictures Found by Daniel Berkman
  4. [lyrics]One Little Step by Frank Lewis
  5. [lyrics]Reinforcements by Chris Greacen
  6. [lyrics]I Could Be Sleeping by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]Rage Against The Cuisine by Chris Greacen
  8. [lyrics]Soon It Will Be by Gregg M. Pasterick
  9. [lyrics]Case Study For The Cloud by Jonathan Redacted
  10. [lyrics]You Gotta Listen by Junie
  11. [lyrics]Bang Bang (American Madness) by Paul Ivey
  12. [lyrics]Ode to the Car Alarm Outside My Window by Ray Toler

Feb 17

  1. [lyrics]Mobile Unit by aeio
  2. [lyrics]unstable states of amblyopia by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]Chloris by Ben Cramer
  4. [lyrics]Rendezvous for Hang and Ondes Martenot by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]I Am a Russian Spy by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]Temps pour les leçons de basse - Francois Louis by Frank Lewis
  7. [lyrics]My Head is a Haunted House by Gregg M. Pasterick
  8. [lyrics]I'm Playing Goalie by Jonathan Redacted
  9. [lyrics]Same tracks different synth by Junie
  10. [lyrics]now that the humans have gone... by Paul Ivey
  11. [lyrics]Kale's a Fine Thing by Peter Johnson
  12. [lyrics]Into the Black by Ray Toler

Feb 16

  1. [lyrics]Last Moment by aeio
  2. [lyrics]the wind is on the mesa by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]Dejection by Ben Cramer
  4. [lyrics]Thank You Satan by Derek Greenberg
  5. [lyrics]**explicit lyrics** Get Back To Work You F@cking Slob! by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]Diverticulosis by Gregg M. Pasterick
  7. [lyrics]Night Slaves by Jonathan Redacted
  8. [lyrics]xiv by Paul Ivey
  9. [lyrics]Worm (lyrics: Frank Ramon) by Peter Johnson
  10. [lyrics]Gammognostic by Ray Toler
  11. [lyrics]Un prélude, peut-être by Wesley Thompson

Feb 15

  1. [lyrics]Steersman by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Mise En Place by Ben Cramer
  3. [lyrics]Morning Tea by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]I Tried to Prog and Fell Off a Cliff by David Earl
  5. [lyrics]Kale Soup by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]More Guitar by Gregg M. Pasterick
  7. [lyrics]I'm the One Who Knocks by Jonathan Redacted
  8. [lyrics]How Can I Know What Truth Is? by Peter Johnson
  9. [lyrics]I Tried to Feed Her Kale by Ray Toler
  10. [lyrics]Temps pour les leçons de basse by Wesley Thompson

Feb 14

  1. [lyrics]Chrysalis by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Comfort Morrow by Ben Cramer
  3. [lyrics]The Dream Commute by Daniel Berkman
  4. [lyrics]Abyss for Piano and Ondes Martenot by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]Go Get a Massage or Something by David Earl
  6. [lyrics]I Fell In Love With You by Derek Greenberg
  7. [lyrics]... 2 3 4 by Gregg M. Pasterick
  8. [lyrics]This is an Apple by Jonathan Redacted
  9. [lyrics]I Cant by Junie
  10. [lyrics]Churika Cherry Bomb (Excerpt) by Ray Toler
  11. [lyrics]Je cherche du travail by Wesley Thompson

Feb 13

  1. [lyrics]Ghosts by aeio
  2. [lyrics]City of Lights by Ben Cramer
  3. [lyrics]Lights Out by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]I Love Kale by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]Winging It by Daniel Berkman
  6. [lyrics]Joderowsky's War in Peru by David Earl
  7. [lyrics]A Homage to Descartes by Gregg M. Pasterick
  8. [lyrics]Huckleberry by Jonathan Redacted
  9. [lyrics]Hyperdance Prelude by Junie
  10. [lyrics]the morning-star heist by Paul Ivey
  11. [lyrics]Modern by Peter Johnson
  12. [lyrics]Lacuna by Ray Toler
  13. [lyrics]Ciel de planche à laver by Wesley Thompson

Feb 12

  1. [lyrics]Starship Aphrodite by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Rise by Daniel Berkman
  3. [lyrics]FDT by David Earl
  4. [lyrics]Nobody Likes To Eat Kale by Derek Greenberg
  5. [lyrics]Big Wild Love by Chris Greacen
  6. [lyrics]Thank You, Lord, For These, Thy Blessings by Gregg M. Pasterick
  7. [lyrics]Pansy by Jonathan Redacted
  8. [lyrics]I've Got a Tub in the Basement by Ray Toler
  9. [lyrics]Vous ne recevrez jamais cette minute by Wesley Thompson

Feb 11

  1. [lyrics]Hills to Climb by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Fading Fires Leave All Shadows by David Earl
  3. [lyrics]Man In a Chair by Derek Greenberg
  4. [lyrics]There is Something Going, IBM Worker by Frank Lewis
  5. [lyrics]Fireworks by Chris Greacen
  6. [lyrics]More of the Same by Gregg M. Pasterick
  7. [lyrics]Kale by Jonathan Redacted
  8. [lyrics]Chill Jam by Junie
  9. [lyrics]Still Alive by Paul Ivey
  10. [lyrics]Murder by Peter Johnson
  11. [lyrics]I've Never Written Her a Love Song by Ray Toler
  12. [lyrics]Bébé Monstre et les raquettes mécaniques by Wesley Thompson

Feb 10

  1. [lyrics]Morning with Autoharp by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Fantasie #1 for solo viola da gamba by Daniel Berkman
  3. [lyrics]Remember the silhouettes by David Earl
  4. [lyrics]Love Is Love by Derek Greenberg
  5. [lyrics]Food Is For Breakfast by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]I Don't Need No Stinkin' Lyrics by Gregg M. Pasterick
  7. [lyrics]Long Lost Grandma by Jonathan Redacted
  8. [lyrics]oort swagger by Paul Ivey
  9. [lyrics]Sometimes my head by Peter Johnson
  10. [lyrics]Canardic Cacotopia by Ray Toler
  11. [lyrics]En attendant la reine by Wesley Thompson

Feb 09

  1. [lyrics]Ample by aeio
  2. [lyrics]restless things by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]Going To Drown by Ben Cramer
  4. [lyrics]Forever 20 by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]Fughnk by David Earl
  6. [lyrics]Look How Far by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]Today's Adventure in Acoustic Guitar by Gregg M. Pasterick
  8. [lyrics]Manure by Jonathan Redacted
  9. [lyrics]...each particle gazéd by Paul Ivey
  10. [lyrics]Etude Th7 (tighten ur grip) by Peter Johnson
  11. [lyrics]I Know It's Five O'Clock Somewhere by Ray Toler
  12. [lyrics]Voler de soi-même by Wesley Thompson

Feb 08

  1. [lyrics]The Debate by aeio
  2. [lyrics]skin maniac (feat. layla b) by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]Matter of Time by Ben Cramer
  4. [lyrics]A F*ing Piano, Then The Ambient Comes In by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]YNtheNYXofTYME by Daniel Berkman
  6. [lyrics]Ambient, and then a f*ing piano comes in by David Earl
  7. [lyrics]Earthquake by Derek Greenberg
  8. [lyrics]Lee Major Ain't Your Fall Guy Today by Frank Lewis
  9. [lyrics]On the Couch by Gregg M. Pasterick
  10. [lyrics]Lemon Cucumber by Jonathan Redacted
  11. [lyrics]In My Dream (Instrumental Mix) by Ray Toler
  12. [lyrics]Leur devise n'est pas ici by Wesley Thompson

Feb 07

  1. [lyrics]Circe by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Get Along by Ben Cramer
  3. [lyrics]Have a Funky Evening by David Earl
  4. [lyrics]A Brief But EffectiveTable Tennis Meditation by Frank Lewis
  5. [lyrics]Alaska by Gregg M. Pasterick
  6. [lyrics]Zucchini by Jonathan Redacted
  7. [lyrics]Sidie by Ray Toler
  8. [lyrics]Quelle déception by Wesley Thompson

Feb 06

  1. [lyrics]Where is my Ticket by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Proximity by Ben Cramer
  3. [lyrics]Sneakazoid by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Nocturne by David Earl
  5. [lyrics]This Is Heaven by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]When The Heavy Gets Too Deep ....... Eat a Taco! by Frank Lewis
  7. [lyrics]Thank You, Jesus by Gregg M. Pasterick
  8. [lyrics]Yellow Squash by Jonathan Redacted
  9. [lyrics]same shit by mathias
  10. [lyrics]If the Well Ever Runs Dry by Peter Johnson
  11. [lyrics]The Orrery by Ray Toler
  12. [lyrics]Où est mon Ebow by Wesley Thompson

Feb 05

  1. [lyrics]One More Thing by aeio
  2. [lyrics]CB's Blues by Ben Cramer
  3. [lyrics]The Circle (No Escape) by David Earl
  4. [lyrics]The Band Kept Playing On by Derek Greenberg
  5. [lyrics]My Baby by Chris Greacen
  6. [lyrics]Not a Pretty Sight by Gregg M. Pasterick
  7. [lyrics]Sunflower by Jonathan Redacted
  8. [lyrics]Starfield Sitar Particles by Junie
  9. [lyrics]elons tesla sent into space by mathias
  10. [lyrics]cathexis by Paul Ivey
  11. [lyrics]Solid Ground by Peter Johnson
  12. [lyrics]POKE 53280,1 by Ray Toler
  13. [lyrics]J'ai vu des tas de forêt by Wesley Thompson

Feb 04

  1. [lyrics]Out the Airlock by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Elinor's Violet by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]Lustrous by Ben Cramer
  4. [lyrics]Swinging Electronic Cheese with Guitar Invader by David Earl
  5. [lyrics]The Paper by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]Splat Rat by Duane Gayle
  7. [lyrics]Hey, What Am Doing Here? by Frank Lewis
  8. [lyrics]Music and Marijuana: A Recipe for Disaster by Gregg M. Pasterick
  9. [lyrics]Pepper by Jonathan Redacted
  10. [lyrics]It Took a Turn by Junie
  11. [lyrics]Dangerous Desire [with and feat. Moxie] by Paul Ivey
  12. [lyrics]The Last of the Fruit on the Vine by Peter Johnson
  13. [lyrics]Waiting Patiently by Ray Toler
  14. [lyrics]Guerre et paix by Wesley Thompson

Feb 03

  1. [lyrics]Unwound by aeio
  2. [lyrics]ecstatic music (with love from john) by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]The Good That Exists In Everyone by Ben Cramer
  4. [lyrics]Animood by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]Night Sweats by David Earl
  6. [lyrics]Proggy Devil Horns by David Earl
  7. [lyrics]The Puppy Bowl by Derek Greenberg
  8. [lyrics]Blind Felon on the Wild Side by Frank Lewis
  9. [lyrics]All Of Your Senses by Chris Greacen
  10. [lyrics]Body Double by Gregg M. Pasterick
  11. [lyrics]Mystery by James Groft
  12. [lyrics]Lost Interest by Jonathan Redacted
  13. [lyrics]Champagne Annie by Junie
  14. [lyrics]salvage by Paul Ivey
  15. [lyrics]You Don't Know Me Very Well by Peter Johnson
  16. [lyrics]Punk's Not Metal's Not Punk by Ryan Reines
  17. [lyrics]Something to Do with You by Ray Toler
  18. [lyrics]Le chat va jouer by Wesley Thompson

Feb 02

  1. [lyrics]What you Got? by aeio
  2. [lyrics]isis rêve by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]October Wind by Ben Cramer
  4. [lyrics]Song For The Exhausted by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]Fisherman's Wharf by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]Raise Your Voice by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]Don't Let Your Goats Get Wet by Gregg M. Pasterick
  8. [lyrics]Kettle Chips by Jonathan Redacted
  9. [lyrics]Stringy by Junie
  10. [lyrics]maybe tomorrow... or yesterday by Paul Ivey
  11. [lyrics]Incensed Cedars by Peter Johnson
  12. [lyrics]Royal Reines by Ryan Reines
  13. [lyrics]I Like to Go Fast by Ray Toler
  14. [lyrics]Manquant de cette partie by Wesley Thompson

Feb 01

  1. [lyrics]Left Unsaid by aeio
  2. [lyrics]aquaria by Artemis Robison
  3. [lyrics]Fantastic Notion by Ben Cramer
  4. [lyrics]Wednesday Night At The E.R. by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]Welcome To Song A Day 2018 by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]OMG Its S A D by Frank Lewis
  7. [lyrics]Why is my gear broken? by Chris Greacen
  8. [lyrics]Something Simple 'cause I'm Old and Tired by Gregg M. Pasterick
  9. [lyrics]I'm Super Fly by Jonathan Redacted
  10. [lyrics]Phonin It In by Junie
  11. [lyrics]super fun by mathias
  12. [lyrics]under a blood-red moon by Paul Ivey
  13. [lyrics]F is for February by Peter Johnson
  14. [lyrics]Why Not Zoidberg? by Ryan Reines
  15. [lyrics]I Wanted More by Ray Toler
  16. [lyrics]Au début c'est difficile by Wesley Thompson

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